MSO – Cybec 21st Century Australian Composers Program

Really thrilled to have been selected for Melbourne Symphony Orchestras Cybec 21st Century Australian Composers program’!

Throughout this year I’ll be composing a piece for the MSO which will be performed in January. I’m hoping to compose something similar to my piece ‘Avialae’ in that the composition will be influenced by the environment, particularly an aspect of the Australian environment that needs urgent attention in conservation and preservation.

Pretty nervous but super excited!




Exciting Projects

Super excited to be working with Dave Katague,  an extremely talented videographer and photographer on a few projects! Here’s the music to one of our video’s. Really happy with how it turned out and couldn’t wait for the video to be finished to post it!

Lots more to come

Ensemble Offspring: Future Retro Concert 2015

Last year I wrote a piece for new music group Ensemble Offspring for their 25th Anniversary concert, Future Retro. It was a great opportunity to work with incredible performers and meet some awesome composers who were also featured in their concert . My piece ‘Avialae’ is scored for the whole ensemble and incorporates the melodies of Five Endangered Australian Bird species. It was my first time using elements of the natural environment in composition, something id like to explore further, particularly in creating awareness for our environmental situation.

If you’re interested in having a listen to Avialae and the other composers premiered at the concert, click the link below!